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in east okland. on christmas eve. good evening i'm grant lodes. oakland police are still searching for the gunman who opened fire outside centro evangelistico bethel monday night. investigators say the shooter targeted a 17-year- old boy as he left a nearby liquor store. the bullets penetrated the wall of the church. and hit cordova as she covered her kids new at eight. kron-4's scott rates spoke to cordova. as she continues to recover. >> reporter: she is continuing to recover at this hospital and the family is searching for answers. >> she is still shaken up about what happened to nights ago. >> i saw that my sister, my brother, there were all the screaming. it was terrible >> reporter: allying and the hospital is the last place she expected to be two days after christmas. it happened at this church in east oakland on christmas eve. gunshots sprayed into the building and the sheet shielded her twin bullets from our sons. >> i turned to look at and i do not know how i missed the bullets. i try to cover my sons and i think the bullet hit me and damaged a lot of things inside my bod
. in the north bay, just under 2 in.. one half inch pan san francisco, traces and dublin. and oakland, also not that much but this system is just as strong as the last one. we will see scattered showers with the high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge. the high wind advisory starting at 10:00 p.m. the heaviest rainfall and corn will be tomorrow morning court wednesday. the good news is that-quarter will be tomorrow but a decrease in showers for the latter part of said it will not be that bad. we will time it out on futurecast. i will let you know what we can expect. when we can get a break. >> we are going to jeff bush. you say that residents are looking at a rapidly rising river? >> let me put this into perspective take a look behind me. this is the parking lot behind johnson's speech. 2 mi. from downtown and the water is already risen. the parking lot and set to about 2 ft. or that grassy area is toward a normal river level is nearly 50 ft.. so it has risen nearly 100 ft.. let me show you video from earlier the russian resort is swollen. in some portions of it is up to the tree bra
4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: breaking news tonight out of oakland: the city's police force is no longer facing a possible federal takeover. this afternoon the department reached a deal with civil rights attorneys who have been demanding reforms the agreement ends a 12 year legal battle over the vigilante justice administered by the rogue o=p=d officers known as the riders. >> and in san francisco: backpacks and briefcases .... blackberries and bottles of tequila. if you've lost any of these items to thieves ... the san francisco police may have some good news for you. >> the officers did a great job recovering in a with like to get it back to the rightful owners. >>pam: developing tonight at eight.. the city of oakland's deal. to stave off a federal takeover of its beleagured police department has brought years of legal battles to a sudden end. kron-4's philippe djegal is live in oakland tonight.. .. with details.. and what this means for the department.. going forward. >> pam, the community town hall meeting tonight at the elementary school in oaklan
and travelers at s f o. oakland and san jose are both dealing with limited delays. s f o, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> the north brae this was pounding rain and howling wind taking out christmas decorations. jeff bush continues our live tv coverage larksburg >> it has been difficult to with this on-again off-again rainfall the drivers on highway 1 0 1 are back up to full speed but the impact can still be seen >> by nightfall the rainfall has stopped but the rain and roche were covered with water. friday's storm left standing water. like here in front of the big 5 sporting goods store. it did not take long for the water to porsche gray skies by nightfall the rain had stopped but the roadway was still covered in water. the wet road could be seen by the headlights of the oncoming traffic. friday's storm left standing water in several places in larkspurlike here, in front of the big five sporting goods store. you can see that the rain was almost to the top of the curb. but, it passing car to wash over the curb and onto the sidewalk. earlier in the day, damage from the friday storm could be seen.
of oakland has seen of 121 homicides. that is a 11 more than 2011. new tonight at a to charles clifford has a closer look at when and where these murders are taking place. >> this is a google earth map. each of these red dots represents the site of a homicide. during the past year he and some of these spots might include more than one the death. at a single location. as reticulated this matter it is indicating that most of these are happening in east oakland. there are a few downtown and also in west oakland. the city's first homicide of 2012 was in january 20th. on the 1800 block of 25th street. isaac white was shot, the 19 year- old was shot outside his home. the 50th was on june 10th. year foothill boulevard. a 26 year-old alameda resident was killed in a house party. the 100 homicide was on october when a 21 year-old man was shot and killed in east oakland near bancroft finally, the most recent homicide was on tuesday evening in the 800 block of hawkins. this man was shot outside of his own home. charles clifford, kron 4 news pure- >> after years of legal wrangling in oakland this power
a day after oakland's top officials unveiled a new plan to fight crime. three people were killed overnight. two young men were gunned down about one this morning on mead avenue. about an hour and a half later. a woman was found stabbed to death on walnut street. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on what one of the department's new "top cop" consultants is saying about the crime rate. >> this troubled community. >> reporter: bill bratton will be a consultant for oakland police department starting in february. >> it could we give this deployed in a timely manner and more effectively for crime-fighting strategies >> reporter: bratton also tells me it's about changing the relationship between officers and those in the community to where people trust the police. he says that in la that was another major problem the city was dealing with when he got there. he's hoping to turn >> it is the lack of confidence on part of the public that the of the police department is not confident on dealing with the growing crime problem. >> reporter: he was a former police commissioner in the new york and b
for east oakland shooting.right in the middle of the we'll fly you in on the big grant? d street. we have video from the scene. there's a sheet over thehe died at the scene. no motive is known. this is the 122nd murder in oakland this year. there were 105 all of last after a bomb threat at lynbrook high school in san jose -- was delivered through graffiti. >> and students at monte vista high in cupertino say they can't believe that the threat was directed at one of the nicest teachers on campus. the teacher was not hurt but remains under the sheriff's protection. bomb-sniffing dogs were checking classrooms and the parking lot of monte vita high school. federal agents were also called in -- saying that if was a hoax, no one is laughing. an attempted kidnapping in the south bay. police say a young girl walking to school in san jose was approached by a stranger and told to get into his car. and as kron 4's scott rates reports.police are taking this claim very seriously. they are very concerned. >> it is not what florio wanted to hear of any of her children. >> they are afraid to come to scho
to a traffic accident on a rain- and.. dispensary in oakland.. which is trying to weather a federal for a another storm. will it bring as much rainfall? your answer, coming up. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. look at our top stories at eight-thirty... >>pam: in santa clara county -- police are trying to determine who killed a multi -millionaire inside his seven- thousand square foot home. this is video of the crime scene from sky-7-h-d, a-b-c-7-news. police released this sketch of a suspect, who they believe is connected to ravi kumra's murder. authorities are trying to figure out whether the attack was targeted. >> in alameda county-- the possible use of drones is stirring privacy concerns. the sheriff'
been released about the suspect in a brutal crime in oakland. police say the man kidnapped and sexually assaulted an at-risk teen.. with a diminished mental capacity. kron-4's j-r stone has more. san francisco ha >> this is by far one of those worst cases cytosine. >> oakland police chief howard jordan is referring to the case involving this man, gary atkinson.. with a 16 year-old actress coral that has the mental capacity of its of year-old. >> kidnapping the force, kidnapping with force if needed to kidnap a child, three counts of rape, lewd acts on a child, with the suspect is 10 years older. >> the girl was reported missing tuesday after wandering from the youth center. she was found two days later on a muni train. >> the muni drivers from the juvenile a disoriented and scared. >> servants video from bart was used to find the suspect and capture him. >> we worked together as law enforcement we can make a difference in the community a. atkinson. has a rap sheet. he will be back in court tomorrow and he could pleaded guilty or " not guilty ". >> san francisco has officially passed a
, 29 degrees in napa. 37 degrees in oakland and antioch is coming in at 35. only the low 50s and we will see mostly clear conditions and mostly sunny skies. your kron 4 7 day around the bay changes by thursday. active weather returning with showers continuing on friday. wet weather as we transition for the weekend. >> instagram is back- tracking on a new policy that gave the company the right to sell your pictures. if you use this, this will impact 2, stay tuned. it will impact-you-- >>pam: instagram is thoughtback tracking... which is now owned by facebook. the popular photo- sharing app, now owned by facebook, changed its privacy policy that has led to a huge backlash on the web. kron 4's tech reporter gabe new policy could affect you. >> this " new terms of service was disclosed and this new policy allows photos to be used for advertisers. without financial restitution for the user. and obviously, people want to be paid or their photographs to be used and on one only by the users and owners of the photographs. however, instagram is saying that once these photographs will be usin
in the east bay today. this is video from oakland. courtesy of sky-7-h-d from a-b-c-7 news. kron 4's haaziq madyun was in oakland today. he talked with police and the school district. the amoun >> "our police force is on alert" >> there is a heighten sense of awareness in the oakland is unified school district in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shooting tragedy in conneticut >> "we want our children on our our citizens to feel that our campuses are safe, to see us out there as a presence" here you see officers at rossevelt elementary school greeting students on there way to classit is something that comes with having a daily police presence on school campuses in oaklandsays the district's spokesperson troy flint >> "we have a dedicated police staff attached to the school district we prepare for this" in addition to the school district having its own school police departmenta federal grant allows oakland police to station officers on 6 campuses in some higher crime areasanother advantage says flint when it comes to situations >> "unfortunately we do deal with a lot of violence h
. between high 101, novado, san rafael. as we go towards oakland. just as we saw on that live picture of the approach to the bay bridge that weather cell we were just mentioning. over the embarcadero, and even near the oakland hills in walnut creek. here is what we can expect with 24 rainfall totals have been pretty impressive 3 in. in santa rosa. and we even sell more in santa rosa of. and just 24 hours ago. we even-saw more. . which will take a look at oakland, livermore totals. coming up cardiff coverage tonight in the north bay.... which took quite a hit from the big storm. kron-4's dan kerman is live along highway 101 in sausalito with more on that. >> mill valley, the works crews were still at it. cleaning up the fallen leaves on it sycamore avenue. the fear that they would catch that this a catch basin and o'clock it. the water from this next band of storms. and it would--possibly get clogged. it was not fallen leaves that force the issue but the fallen trees. it was quite a surprise. >> i went>> take a look - the winds were so ferocious that it toppled this big tree .... snapp
sent in. it's a car trapped on shepard canyon road in oakland. car is up to its roof in water. pictures of the storm send it was a five hour long ordeal on the richmond-san rafael bridge earlier today when high winds knocked over a big rig! high winds flipped over the empty tractor trailer early this morning blocking two left lanes. truck driver ignored the high wind warnng and was traveling abovet he speed limit when he flipped over. it took about five hours to flip the truck right side up because crews has to wait for winds to die down. in pittsburg, there was a major backup on westbound higway-4 near loveridge road earlier today. these are aerials from sky-7 hd, abc 7 news. a sig alert was issued. in a small section of the highway -- only two lanes were open as cars crawled through the area. a large pothole was to blame for the traffic mess... the pothole left dozens of rain. one driver says 25 cars blew out their tires after running into the large pothole. drivers say the rain made it difficult for them to see the pothole in the middle of the highway. some motorists changed those th
county.near the oakland border.on pinehurst road. it was a mess and the road was closed for awhile. drivers were trying to navigate around the mud. the c-h-p was called to the scene around 5 this morning. >> basically early this morning there was a there waspine hurst --pine hurst.. road. there will be a big rig and tobacco. it should take most of the day with this road will be shut down from ykyline to mcallister. >> there is more rainfall so public works are going to keep an eye on that area. a few hours. but with more rain in the dept. will keep an eye on the area. >> the stormy weather caused a large tree branch to fall onto this san francisco gas station. it happened on portrero and 17th over the weekend. the awning of the 76 station was knocked over. no one was hurt. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to track the latest. also, facebook & twitter. this water main break flooding in marin and ave. with 15 homes still without water. flooding-mary avenue between bell lane and tennessee valley road. rett chie reggie >> as of monday evening with the repair process has
breaking news tonight at eight out of oakland. a 15-year-old girl shot and killed --- and a 14-year-old boy hurt. while the teenage gunman remains on the loose tonight. >>> all this happening late this afternoon on lion way, near 66-th avenue. the gunman opening fire on a family out walking. this evening police interviewing witnesses. again -- no arrests have been made. the suspect is described as being between 13-and-16 years old. kron4 crews are on the scene -- and we will have a live report ahead. >>> now a developing story at eight. secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized, with a blood clot. doctors say this is a medical problem related to a concussion she recently suffered. the blood clot found today during a follow up medical visit. you may remember -- 65-year- old hillary clinton contracted a stomach virus earlier this month, became dehydrated, then fainted, fell and hit her head. we will keep updated on this developing story as more details emerge. >>> now at eight -- three people -- a couple, and young grand-child, killed in a san jose apartment fire. this evening -
that's expected to deliver us a wet and chilly christmas. reggie kumar is live in oakland. while philippe dejegal is has the latest on delays and travel advisories from the san francisco international airport. but first. here's video of what the weather was like on mount tam earlier today. talk about strong gusts! you can see the wind tossing around the trees and even the camera! we join brian at the weather center. brian. time to bring out the heavy winter coats? >> the good news is that we could see some improvements in the rain is tapering off. that will allo thes floodwaters to subside. notice, not as much grain as we were seeing earlier. the-green is indicating mainly near the south bay, and southern san jose. to the south of downtown. the green, the yellow, as we see highway 1 0 1 and that fogging section of highway 101 your palo alto, just some mainly some flooding but it has finally slowly has dissipated. that flood warning however, still in effect until 9:detained for palo alto, east palo alto and portola valley. the creek that is causing this problem will start to slowl
program. following the aftermath of the connecticut school massacre. hundreds of cars lined up in oakland to trade their guns for cash. kron4's jeff pierce has the details. >> one hundred and twenty one, one hundred and twenty two, one hundred and twenty three, one hundred and twenty four. >>reporter: olois simmons of youth uprising counted the cars waiting to turn in guns for cash saturday afternoon in oakland. nearly two hundred cars with guns in their trunks waited hours for the opportunity to get two hundred dollars for each gun for as many as three guns. it was one of the most succesful gun by back programs ever held in the city. >> one gun off the street is good but the whole back side of a paddy wagon is even better. >>reporter: that success was credited to youth uprising's ability to organize and promote the event beyond what a police department is able to achieve. >> we had young people as the voice of it we did out reach hand to hand in communities with community members reaching out to each other, you get a drastically different outcome then when you have the police reaching ou
. including this one in oakland which was caught on camera. and the royal baby watch continues. first public appearance since leaving a london hospital earlier this month. that story, coming up next! >> off >>authorities have identified john fanene as the california highway patrol officer who was killed in an off duty motorcylce accident near fairfield on saturday. authorities say that fanene was traveling on his motorcylce along highway twelve when a pickup truck turned in front of him. the impact threw fanene off his motorcycle and into oncomming traffic. where he police in oakland arrested trevel thomas for snatching a cellphone from an unsuspecting bart rider at the 12th street oakland city center bart station last tuesday. bart police arrested thomas at the powell street bart station shortly after the incident. you are looking at video taken from three security cameras that caught thomas in the act. according to bart police thomas confessed to the crime and was booked at the glen dyer jail in oakland and charged with robbery. bart police released the videos of the cellphone snatching on
, the league would be willing to chip- in. to help the raiders build a new stadium. if the team and oakland city leaders agree on a new league could contribute up to 200- million dollars in funding. they are dealing with the denver broncos. kron-4's j-r stone is live at the oakland coliseum with more on this game between rivals.. j. r.? >> pam, what roger godell said is it that could be some of the best news from a raider nation this game is nothing short of a potentially ugly. the raiders fans are leaving but they are getting beaten very badly. is a tough night. however, what a fun day. >> talk about a party, the tail gate thursday means dancing in dressing the part. >> i am all metal. , i also see a lot of leather. >> and i do not know how to expect or describe that. flat out raiders for this deli. >> i think that i deserve a free ticket said. >> you show your belly and you should get free tickets? >> yes. >> i do not think that will happen. >> with shouting, drinking and this could be eating. >> deep fried oreo... deep- fried shrimp. >> this is good. at this is really good. >> and the sc
-area wide. the degrees in san francisco, oakland, to be three degrees in fremont and 53 degrees in said his goal. 83 degrees in fremont. midnight, we will see 53 degrees in fremont -- and '50s in san francisco. that rainfall is going to stick around with some computer models expected that it will just be off shore. mainly to the north bay as the go for the afternoon. feel look at your extended forecast with more of a dry out tomorrow. we will see lingering showers on saturday. sunday, monday all looking dry and even warmer. tuesday, we could see the chance of showers. >> if you got a new gadget this year that will replace an old one you may be wondering what to do with that old phone or tablet. recycle it or sell it >> later in sports the warriors are in utah trying to beat that yo jazz and the 49ers rookie will finally see the field. we will tell you who that is, later in sports. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway
a meeting place. in pleasant hill alecia reid kron 4 news. >> developing news out of oakland. where one person has been killed in a shooting near jack london square and just blocks away from the police department. it happened late this afternoon on the 400-block of third street. police say the victim was pronounced dead on the scene. the shooter is still on the loose. he was described as an adult male and was last seen driving away in a vehicle. no other details have been released. >> also developing tonight. a standoff at a jack-in-the- box in sacramento has come to an end. sacramento police say a man with a gun tried to rob the restaurant earlier this afternoon. and barricaded himself inside with two female hostages. one woman was released and able to walk out on her own. another woman ran free when swat teams opened fire and detonated concussion grenades. the gunman was shot. his condition has not been released. >> and this new video just in to the kron-4 newsroom from concord. where a hazmat team was called out to a foodmax grocery store after 20 people were sickened. a fire chief s
of text sense of relationship. jail: sf resident marlene lintz and oakland resident montrail brackens both under arrest for murder. 2 hercules residents, tyler miller, and heather leach as well as oakland resident maryann manalastas were arrested for accessory to murder. it was this past sunday evenig when police say a motorist found the two victims in the middle of brussels street, bound and gagged and fighting for their life. >> the male, identified as 26 eyar old steven reid died later at the hospital, the woman not identified is in serious condition. although there are many unanswered questions, such as whether the two were beaten elsewhere and then dumped in san francisco. police are revealing some details at a news conference tuesday. >> the motive of this was under investigation but i cannot provide specific details. but i can say that there were blunt force trauma to the upper body of the mail. because of the death is still pending of the autopsy report. blog force trauma to the upper bod of the male but sombecomin the san francisco, kn 4 news. there is a spike of violent shooter.
. and many people turned out for gun buy-back programs in both san francisco and oakland. we're learning tonight just how successful those programs turned out to be. people got 2-hundred dollars for every gun that was handed over. nearly 600 guns were turned in gun control has become a hot topic again. in the wake of the school shooting. kron 4's justine waldman has more on what politicians are saying.and what changes are likely. >>reporter: as funerals and candle light vigils take place.across the nation after the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. the debate over control has started again. president obama addressed the issue during a memorial for the victims. police say the shooter adam lanza was armed with a semi-automatic.223 caliber assault rifle made by bushmaster and two pistols. when he killed 20 children, six staff members and his own mother. all the guns were legally owned by his mother. california senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce a ban on assault weapons.during the new session of congress. >> the purpose of this bill is to just get what blumberg's said, to ge
respond to a post office in oakland. what sickened several employees? and the fiscal cliff inching ever closer. the latest on the negotiations between president obama and house speaker, john boehner. developing tonight. the fallout from the september attack on americans in benghazi that killed four people.including bay area native.ambassador chris stevens. tonight four state department officials have resigned under pressure.because of their roles in the deadly incident. a report released today was critical of state department leadership.sating security for the americans in benghazi was quote "inadequate." the school massacre in connecticut has raised all sorts of questions about gun control laws and what should and should not be imposed. today we spoke with the author of numerous gun control books to get his take on the issue. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on what he said. and what we may soon see. pam one other issue that zimring talked about is the federal assault weapon ban that was in place from 1994 to 2004 but he doesn't think that we will see that reimposed. why is that? so does h
is starting to return. these are live conditions that the bay bridge toll plaza, san francisco, oakland, san jose. i am. in if the weather center with jacqueline. and the other centers with rain systems. >> we have quite a bit of rain fall saturday and even this sunday. there rain is not moving that quickly. it has been the stalling of but it is off the north bay coast. a light showers and a wider view of satellite and radar showing this stream of moisture towards northern california. this tail end is extending to the west coast and offshore. it is not moving that fast and all it is virtually stalled it will press to the south for the overnight hours. rainfall for the entire bay area and gusting winds. the wind is picking up at half moon bay, 25 m.p.h.. 17 in santa rosa and the wind is expected to be even more. it will slowly pressed to the south overnight with moderate rainfall. showers but this is just a first of the systems that will impact us for the weekend. we would take a look. your extended forecast coming up. clifford kron 4 news. oakland. and in san jose. behind it. >>pam: in new t
almost 30 cents from a month ago. in oakland -- fuel will cost you about 3-59, and in san jose, 3-57. while gas prices are going down. bart is considering charging riders more to park at it's lots. but before that happens, the transit agency wants your input. kron4's justine waldman has the story. >> when parking rates went up at the daly city bart station in 2010, from 2 to 3 dollars a day. people stopped parking there. so bart brought the price back down. now bart is considering raising the rates at all its parking lots, by charging more for spaces based on demand. a full lot would cost more, an empty lot less. >> "there is no way i am paying more" >> "everything costs more these days" >> the increase could be as little as 50-cents. bart did have a budget surplus this year, those extra dollars went to fixing seats and adding air conditioning on the trains. bart wants to use the extra parking money to maintain the lots. with renovations and affording security. >> "i was mugged once more security would be nice" topthe question is. will an increase in parking turn riders off. again
: it was a nice day around the bay area today with even 70's. oakland, hayward, both of those places at 71. we did see 60s through santa rosa, and temperatures are cooling off in a hurry tonight. we have clear skies overhead and we will see a lot of 30's and 40's. 46 in santa rosa. 49 in concord and still 50s for the bayshore. we're also going to see fog in the north bay and delta of. it is already forming and the delta with chilly temperatures expected tomorrow. , increase with clouds with a storm approaching tomorrow night. timing it out on futurecast por >> coming up, we will go over to millbrae. we're you can take your life in your own hands in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the near is always on kron 4. the biggest party and hosted by catherine heenan and sports director, gary radnich. this year promises to be better than ever. the new year's life. life 11:30 live [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler. share the harmony... she'l
news >> vicki: developing news out of oakland. tonight at eight -- more than four- thousand people are without power after a tree branch hit a powerline. p-g-&-e crews are on scene fixing the problem. officials say power should be restored by eight-45 this >> the holidays have hundreds of thousands of passengers traveling in-and- out of bay area airports. but rain put the breaks on some travel plans this week. today - flight schedules began to recover after storms caused massive delays last night. kron 4's mike pelton spent the morning with travelers as they prepared to take off. >> reporter: this is a popular spot at sfo making sure that there airline is on time. >> it is on time. >> very excited >> reporter: especially with this weather is going to be 72 degrees. >> reporter: thousands passed through sfo, going to the holidahome for holidays. >> these are special people the we're going to see. the rainfall dampened some travel plans. some commutes of lingered into saturday passengers trying to get home but were left waiting. there were left waiting, and waiting. >> i sat down th
. look for upper 20s, 30s. 30's for the east today. and the 30's in hayward, fremont. 40's and oakland. the highs will be in the low mid-50s. sunny skies. sunshine, and inland by the base san leandro. alameda, union city. by the--bay. and 50s for the north bay. here is a look going towards 2013. increasing clouds and some showers possible for new year's eve. and sunshine tuesday, wednesday but it is not going to be that warmer toward only 20's. and the next chance of showers will be on thursday. >>> 2012 was a huge year for that tech worldamong other things.there was a big lawsuit involving apple and samsung. private space exploration took flight. kron 4 technology reporter gabe slate gives us a look back. >>> stop online piracy act...or 'sopa'.. activated an online protest.. and the web cried was protest. with petitions calling for and organized boycotts. and wouldn't you know, that it worked! ahhh.. the power of organized internet community. >>> when facebook went public it was the most hyped stock ip0 - however many lost money when it opened at $38 but that was much ov
there when you needed him. 109-102. the raiders, finally a break from oakland won the week they will host kansas city. dennis allen needs a break he lost his father earlier this week. and he got back in time for carson paul marat against denver. and 26-13 with cars and palm are -- against the denver and really, carson polyme >> what we have to understand is as players and coaches we have to look to the future. we are trying to go out and win and it is our job to go out there and went on a day to day basis. it is not an overnight process. it is going to take some time. as to go forward will have to continue to work with the young guys. >> and for the fans that say that they want to fire him? he has a four year contract. it does not go well to get rid of him for the first year. >> miami. he was fined 7000 a tattered $75. for this late hit. -- $7875. there is, a hard hitter. $787 fight. and he suffered a major injuries. hitting the jackpot, brandon mccarty. owlish. perhaps we showed this to much of money was with the line drive with the 80s. a brain contusion, and two hours of surgery. he wa
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